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“You’re off to great places! Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!” ~ Dr. Seuss

Welcome to Science Class!

Mrs. Owens


  • For IBCA Students Only:  Students need to have completed through to these lessons by the following dates in order to complete the course before the end of the year:
  • Outlook for Email / Incoming Messages – 4/18
  • Outlook for Email / Organize Messages – 4/26
  • Managing Contacts / Create Folders & Contact List – 5/3
  • Managing Contacts / Topic Test – 5/15
  • Cumulative Test by 5/16


Vocabulary Words for “The Nervous System” – Cell Body, Nerve Impulse, Autonomic Nervous System, Sensory Neuron, Neurons, Cerebellum, Nerves, Synapse, Cerebrum, Axon, Brainstem, Somatic Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, Dendrite, Reflex, Motor Neuron, Myelin Sheath, Central Nervous System


4/29 & 4/30 – Science Activities

5/1 – PP and study guide on the Nervous System

5/2 – Scholastic/Study Jam’s Video on Nervous System with worksheet

5/3 – Kids’ Health/Informational Text and Nervous System Factfinder worksheet. Read together in class/Answer in group work

5/6 & 5/7 – Nervous System Webquest

5/8 – Lab sheets/done in class

5/9 – Fun Day for all students meeting requirements

5/10 – Test on the Nervous System; Vocabulary due

5/13 thru 5/16 – Science activities in class

5/17 – Awards Day



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Tuesdays at 3:05