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Weekly Agenda

October 10-11 and October 16-17-18


Bell Ringer

Battle of York town

Unit 1 wrap up 

Study guide issue – Study guide has all of the answers on the back

Friday October 11

Bell Ringer – Study 


Work check – Page 48, Study guide, Bell Ringer 75 points

- Wednesday October 16

Bell Ringer

Issue Unit Two module books

Introduction to Government 

Articles of Confederation page 71 – 15 points

- Thursday

Bell Ringer

Read pages 72-73


Articles of Confederation weaknesses. Page 74 25 points

- Friday

Bell Ringer – 

Read page 76-77-78

Take short notes on those pages – 10 points 

Page 79 complete – worth 25 points 

Read shays’ Rebellion ( if time allows) 

Complete page 82 – 25 points – (if time allows) 


Class test – test will be short and students will be able to check their work and retake the test for this first new type of test. Test will involve writing and multiple choice questions from the previous materials covered in class. This test will be scheduled once Topic One in Unit one is complete.