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Weekly Agenda


I have checked the grades of my social studies and P.E. Students. All of my students will pass for the year in all subjects and all classes. However, I would highly suggest you average the first three 9 weeks and double check that your student has a 67 average. I am human and could have missed something. So you must check your grades for yourself. 

Next, we have bonus opportunities for student to improve their third 9 weeks average. This bonus is NOT MANDATORY. The bonus does not have to be completed. Currently, the bonus will be 4 assignments assigned by the parish. I can promise their will be technical difficulties, but we can work through them together. 

Third, I will post a short educational video on classroom on Tuesday's and I will have a zoom meeting with student on Thursdays 11:00-11:20. These videos and meetings are NOT MANDATORY. 
I must mention that I do not have internet. I am reliant on cell service, and my home does not receive the best signal. So the zoom meeting will most likely lag and potentially drop at random times. We will work through this, and the material is once again NOT MANDATORY. 


The parish is requiring teacher to have office hours, but I will promptly return emails anytime I have signal. So feel free to message me anytime with any questions. Office hours will be 11:00 – 12:00 tuesdays and thurdays, but I am available all hours with emails being sent straight to my phone. 

More information about the bonus will come later. Please email me if you believe you are interested in the bonus points. The bonus assignments will be 25 points each and will be graded for correctness. The maximum points a student can earn for the third 9 weeks is a 104 average, reguardless of the amount of bonus points earned. 


Thank you and God bless