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Weekly Plan

Science                                                                                 Date –Oct. 7-16



Students will take a test using their Question of the day book for the 9 weeks grade.  This is done in  class daily and answers are provided daily.  If the student has keep up with daily questions this is an easy 100 points.

Students will analyze data from Lesson 8’s experiment on how a cup’s surface is affected by how light warms up a liquid inside the cup and Lesson 9’s experiement on does temperature of a liquid on one side of a cup’s wall affect the temperature of a liquid on the other side of the wall?

Complete Lesson 9’s progress tracker.  (Progress tracker 2 will be graded after lesson 11 is complete)


Tuesday & Wednesday

Students will experiment with – What is the difference between a hot and a cold liquid?  They will do a experiment data sheet for a grade and complete the progress tracker for this lesson in class.


Thursday – 

Students will make obsservations from a simulation and obtain evidence that hot liquids have particles that move faster and cold liquids have particles that move slower.  

Grade will be taken on Progress Tracker 2 


Friday –  Wednesday

Students use a simulation to investigate how individual particles in a sample of gas doe not have the same kinetic energy of the particles is constantly changing as they collide with one another.  We argue that termperature is a measue of the average speed of the particles in a same of matter, and that the total energy of all the particles in the sameple compbined.