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7th Grade Daily Schedule


Mr. Borders 7th Grade Social Studies 12/9/19-12/13/19

Monday- Bell Ringer, Finish Pg. 144 (10 Min.), Read Pgs. 145-146, (Start) Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Program

Tuesday- Bell Ringer, (Complete) Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Program,  

Wednesday- Bell Ringer, Read and Discuss Pgs. 148-149, (Start) Pg. 150 “Political Division in America”

Thursday- Bell Ringer (Due), (Finish) “Political Division in America”, Read Pgs. 151-152

Friday- No School

*Parents Please Note: Lesson Plans are “living documents.” They are subject to change for a variety of reasons, the number one reason being that teachers adjust teaching based on student needs. Please bear this in mind when viewing teacher plans.