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Welcome to Miss Sims’s

Seventh Grade ELA class!

Lisa Sims
Room 112
Planning Period:  1st
school phone:  325-1575

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A Christmas Carol book cover

Current Unit:  A Christmas Carol

Topic: self-reflection; selflessness

Themes:  explore how characters teach life lessons and achieve redemption through selflessness and valuing people over possessions

Text Use: characters, point of view/perspective and development, influence of setting and characters on theme, influence of text on society

Unit Focus:  Students learn that writers use stories and distinctive characters to teach us lessons. Students will explore how the choices of characters affect the plot and build the theme of a story. Students will come to understand that redemption can be found in selflessness and valuing people over material possessions. They will also explore how literature that resonates with readers has “staying power,” influencing other writers and becoming a part of our language, culture, and moral code.

Culminating Writing Task:  What does Dickens want us to understand about the “business” of being human? To answer this question: Trace the changes in Scrooge’s character over the course of A Christmas Carol. Identify the moments throughout A Christmas Carol that Dickens uses the word “business” to develop a character, such as Scrooge being described as a man of “business” and Marley’ ghost saying “Mankind was my business” in Stave I. For each moment, determine the different meanings of “business” and the different points of view or perspectives the characters have about what “business” is most important. Evaluate how the changes in Scrooge over the course of the text teach the reader what Dickens wants us to understand about “business.” Determine a theme of A Christmas Carol which explains what Dickens wants us to understand about the “business” of being human. Locate relevant evidence to support how that theme is developed through the changes in Scrooge’s character.


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