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Welcome to Miss Sims’s

Seventh Grade ELA class!

Lisa Sims
“Office” Hours: M-F, 10:00-3:00


ELA COVID-19 State of Emergency

Backup Plan!


Updated: 4/19/2020

1. There will be no grades for the fourth 9 weeks. Students’ first three 9 weeks grades will be averaged together to determine their final grade for the year.
2. If students are satisfied with their grade for the year, they are not required to complete any assigned work. Completion of assignments is encouraged to keep students engaged and active in practicing the skills they have learned this year in the classroom.  *If nothing else, encourage your child to read books of their choice! :)

3. If students would like to bring up their third 9 weeks grade, they will have the opportunity to complete 100 bonus points worth of work. ELA class bonus work will come from iReady assignments. Log in to using the same username and password as your math iReady (the username is your first and last initial followed by your student ID number (no spaces); the password is your student ID number). Click on the “Reading” tab to view your ELA assignments.(One Chromebook per family may be checked out from the school starting this week if you need to borrow a device. If you do not have internet access and your child needs to participate in bonus work, please email me.) As of right now, I will post two lessons for 25 point bonus every Monday (beginning April 20) for the next four weeks:  April 20 – 24, April 27 – May 1, May 4 – 8, May 11 –15. Bonus will be due the Friday of that week.  
4. If you have any questions, the best way to reach me is during my office hours (Monday – Friday from 10:00-3:00) by emailing me at or you can comment on a particular thread on Google Classroom, and I will receive an email notification.
5. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-9:50, we will have Zoom meetings that students can join. To keep students safe, all zoom login info will be posted on Google Classroom. Student dress code and conduct rules must be followed during these meetings. This information can be found on WJH’s website homepage. Joining these calls is not required and will not be for a grade. The dates for the Zoom meetings are:  Tuesday, April 21, Thursday, April 23, Tuesday, April 28, Thursday, April 30, Tuesday, May 5, Thursday, May 7, Tuesday, May 12, Thursday, May 14, and Tuesday, May 19.


For additional supplemental work, students can read the PDF version of Touching Spirit Bear. There is also a PDF link of comprehensive questions and writing prompts. All of Touching Spirit Bear materials can be accessed on a laptop, smart phone, or tablet. 

Link to a PDF format of the novel:


Touching Spirit Bear

Complete the chapter comprehension questions and writing prompts that follow the book using this PDF link:

*Answer questions on paper as you read along. Label accordingly.

The questions are broken up into chunks. For example: Ch. 1-6 questions are together, Ch. 7-13 questions are together, etc. 

**This supplemental activity will not be graded.


Although I won’t be grading your 4th quarter reading project, I still encourage you to do it! If nothing else, read your selected book! 

I can’t believe that we aren’t going back to school this school year! I already miss you guys! Please be safe out there and keep in touch! Email me pictures and stories about your adventures during this state of emergency, so we can put together a cool blog post! 


All information is on Google Classroom!




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