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Weekly Agenda

12/9/19- 12/12/19

Monday: Lesson 23: The significance of the title “Hatchet”

Teacher reads aloud chapter 19 and the Epilogue. Students engage in discussion after each section and have a final discussion where they reflect on the significance of the title “Hatchet” and go back to their predictions about the title from the beginn..

Tuesday: Lesson 24: Culminating writing task planning to write

Students review the culminating writing task and begin the task by choosing an event from "Hatchet," reading “Survival by the Numbers” and completing a graphic organizer to evaluate Brian’s decisions during the event they chose.

Wednesday:Lesson 25: Culminating writing task planning to write, part 2

Students brainstorm to develop a thesis statement and outline for the essay.

Thursday:Lesson 26: Culminating writing task drafting

Students begin drafting the essay.

Friday: No Students


Monday: Lesson 27: Culminating writing task revising for transitions

Students practice using transition words and then apply it by revising their draft essay.

Tuesday: Lesson 28: Culminating writing task revising

Students practice expanding and combining sentences then apply it by revising their draft essay.

Wednesday: Lesson 29: Culminating writing task publishing

Students publish their essays.

Thursday: Make-up day

Friday: Half-day/ Merry Christmas!!!!