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End of Year Checkout Schedule for Students

End of year checkout schedule

Update on School Closures and Remainder of the School Year:

1. There will be no grades for the fourth 9 weeks. Your first three 9 weeks grades will be averaged together to determine your final grade for the year. 

2. If you are satisfied with your grade for the year, no work is required. It is only encouraged to help your mind stay sharp. 

3. If you would like to bring up your third 9 weeks grade, you will have the opportunity to complete 100 bonus points worth of work. Your bonus will come from your iReady assignments. For your i-Ready bonus, you must complete 2 i-Ready lessons a week. You can receive up to 25 bonus points each week, with half of the bonus points coming from completion and the other half coming from accuracy. 

4. I will be available daily from 10am -3pm to answer your questions. The best way to reach me is by emailing me at

5. Every Tuesday and Thursday I will conduct Zoom meetings that you can join during our assigned time, 10:30 to 10:50. Student dress code and conduct rules must be followed during these meetings. Joining these calls is not required and will not be for a grade. Directions for logging into Zoom meetings can be found on Google classroom. I hope you will join us!

You can find the link to the rules and expectations for Zoom calls here.

You can still access printable materials on the website under the Home Learning tab.

You can access the i-Ready lessons by following these steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Use the following information to login: username- first initial, last initial, student ID       password- Student ID   

 Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at I am checking my email frequently and would be happy to help.

Math 6-8 Bonus Assignment
(for those students without devices/internet service)

Use current weekly grocery store ads to create meal plans for each situation described
below. The ads are delivered in the mail, so all students should have access.
Math 6 - 8: Select items and determine the cost:
Week 1: breakfast, lunch and dinner for one day for a family of four.
Week 2: snacks for a birthday party for 15 guests.
Week 3: snacks for a family of six for one week.
Week 4: stock the freezer for a family of 5 for a month.
For each assignment, organize the work to show the store advertising the item, item
description, number of items, cost per item, total cost per item and final cost for the
situation described. Then complete the item below for your grade level.
Math 6: Determine how much those same items would cost for twice as many people;
for half as many people.
Math 7: Write and solve a proportion for the same items to determine the cost for 2 1⁄2
times as many people.
Math 8: Define variables and write an equation to determine how much those same
items would cost for an undetermined number of people.
Algebra 1(8th):Define variables, write an equation, and state a reasonable domain and
range to model how much those same items would cost for an undetermined number of
Each week, have your parent text a picture(s) of your completed assignment to your
teacher’s school email address.


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