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15 Extra Credit Points

Writing an Expository Paper

Topic:  Research how Franklin D. Roosevelt influenced the United States.  Explain how the words “united determination” reflects his ideas and leadership.  What does he think people must do to make and keep peace?  Why is it important to try and understand one another’s opinions and feelings?   


A paper is made up of three sections.  Within each section there are objectives to complete. 

Three section of an expository paper:

  • Introduction (first paragraph…indicate paragraphs by indenting)
  • Body (second paragraph…indicate paragraphs by indenting)
  • Conclusion (third paragraph…indicate paragraphs by indenting)

Objective to complete each section:

  • Introduction
  • A hook or lead-in sentence to grab the reader’s interest
  • Topic sentence (main idea of the entire paper…the point for writing.  You can reword the interrogative prompt into a declarative statement.)
  • Body
  • R= Main Idea (connected to topic sentence and makes a point)
  • A= Answer the prompt
  • C= Supporting details (factual information to prove your point in the main idea)
  • E= Common sense connection between the answer and chosen cited evidence (supporting details).
  • Conclusion
  • Restatement of hook or lead-in using different words
  • Final thoughts that connect back to the topic sentence in the introduction